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Coffee Break

By on January 16, 2016

Arguably the most popular drink in the world, coffee is famous for the various ways it can be consumed (hot, cold, with additives, or on its own), and of course, the caffeine content. The drink has even inspired a part of culture – the coffeehouse, a gathering place for people to enjoy coffee and socialize with friends. We found 4 incredible local coffeehouses that provide not only exceptional coffee, but fun and inviting atmospheres as well.

Temple CoffeeTemple Coffee

Similar to the concept farm-to-fork, Temple coffee provides a farm-to-cup sourcing model. Because 90% of the coffee they purchase comes directly from its producers, Eton Tsuno, Director of Coffee for Temple, travels about 6 to 9 months out of the year to places such as Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia to oversee farming practices and develop relationships with coffee farmers and producers.

We pay based on cup quality, which often ends up being well over fair trade prices, said Cole Cuchna, Creative Director for Temple. This way, farmers are rewarded for quality, not quantity, and have an incentive to invest in making their coffee better.

All of the roasting takes place on the Vintage Probat roaster, located just behind the 2829 S Street location. Potentially, we could be serving you a cup that was roasted the day before, explained Cuchna.  All of our coffee is roasted and shipped on the same day for optimal freshness.While the Panama and Kenya coffees tend to be popular year-round, it’s the seasonal Geisha coffee varital that gets all the buzz in the wintertime.

Even at $60 for a half pound, the highly-coveted Geisha sells out quickly. If you’ve ever had a good Geisha, you’d understand why, Cuchna said. On top of providing excellent coffee, Temple also offers classes to educate the public. Classes range from espresso tasting classes and home brewing classes to intro to milk chemistry and latte art classes and palate development and tasting classes.

For more information Temple Coffee Roasters 1010 9th Street, Sacramento (916) 443-4960,



Walking into Zia’, you instantly feel transported to a small Italian café, and when you taste their coffee, you will understand why.

Zia’s has 2 traditional Italian espresso blends, Frienze, a Northern Italian espresso that indicates the region of Toscano. The blend is mild, with a great aroma, sweet and smooth. By contrast, their other blend, Capri, is a Southern Italian blend that indicates the region of Campania.

It is medium, dark, hearty, rich and velvety. Zia’s gets their fresh roasted beans from the award-winning Mauro Cipolla’s Caffe D’Arte in Seattle, shipped every week, just after roasting. Because they pride themselves on serving up the best cup of espresso possible, all beans are ground to order, hand tamped and extracted.

They also have a wide assortment of milk to accompany your espresso, even unique selections such as the Sonoma grass fed, jersey cow organic milk. Staying true to the Italian way, espresso and cappuccino drink are served in-house only in their traditional sizes – one ounce for an espresso, and 5 ounces for a cappuccino. While their espresso drinks are delicious, their Chai is one-of-a-kind as it is a spice recipe developed just for Zia’s.

For more information Zia’s 4364 Town Center Blvd, El Dorado Hills (916) 939-9427,

Coffee Republic

If you’re looking for an outside-the-box espresso drink, look no further than Coffee Republic in Folsom. Family-owned for 25 years, Coffee Republic has become a fixture in the community. Coffee Republic also believes in keeping everything local. All the way down to their coffee beans, which are purchased and roasted at Terra Nova Coffee Roasters in Sacramento.

They have 20 different blends of coffee to choose from Owner, Mindy Green, does her own research to come up with the fun espresso concoctions that Coffee Republic offers. I like to find inspiration everywhere, she explained. I like to travel and find dishes and interesting things and bring them back to Coffee Republic.

Some of these interesting drinks include the tiramisu latte and specialty mochas such as the Irish white mocha, winter mint white mocha and the peanut butter mocha.
Their newest drink that is popular this season is the apple pie caramel cider, served with a scoop of ice cream. In addition to exceptional drinks, Coffee Republic also creates a fun atmosphere. It’s always loud in here, said Green. The espresso machines are going and the buzz from everyone chatting, it’s such a fun place to be.

For more information Coffee Republic 6610 Folsom-Auburn Road, Folsom (916) 987-8001,



Shady Coffee & TeaShady Coffee & Tea

Staying true to coffee is what Shady Coffee and Tea is all about. We focus on traditional drinks, said Crystal Clements, store manager.  Shady focuses on the taste of coffee, something that can be enjoyed on its own without being doused in creams and sugars.

They offer one blends, their Suite 7 blend which has been embraced by the community. Becoming so loved in fact, that it won the 2015 Barista Nation Sprodown – where local coffee shops submit their espresso to be judged by … The blend is described as yielding a carmelly, nutty, almond flavor.

Shady offers 5 different coffees, including the Suite 7 blend, each from a different region: Brazil, Guatemala, Eithiopia, and El Salvador. While the beans are from all over the world, Shady Coffee and Tea roasts their beans locally at Mast Coffee Co. in Rocklin.

Some of their popular winter drinks include the peppermint lattes and peppermint mochas, where the drinks are made from Andes peppermint bark. The brown sugar latte is also popular this time of year, though it is offered year-round. It consists of a double shot of espresso, brown sugar, and steamed milk. It’s magic, Clements said with a laugh.

For more information Shady Coffee & Tea 325 Douglas Blvd, Roseville (916) 742-4117,

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