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LOL Opener: Kim Vanacore, Radiant Yoga

By on January 15, 2016

021-IMG_6803LOL Opener: Kim Vanacore, Radiant Yoga
By: Kelsey Wehsels

Situated above the El Dorado Hills Sports Club sits Radiant Yoga, a hot yoga studio who’s mission is to unite the community, encourage health and well being, and challenge everyone to grow, learn and have fun.

Owner, Kim Vanacore had always been interested in fitness and worked on her master’s degree in Wellness at California State Univeristy, Sacramento back in her twenties. While there, she managed the Health and Wellness center and also taught fitness classes on and off for 25 years for Spare Time, a developer of private, multi-recreational sports clubs.
It was one day in 2010 that a friend convinced Vanacore to go to a yoga class with her.

“It’s funny now, because I remember asking her ‘are you sure I can do this?’ And look where I am now,” she said with a laugh.

The class was transformational for Vanacore, and created a pivotal moment for her.

“I went home and told my husband I felt like I had just been to the gym, church, and my therapist after my first class,” she explained.
After 6 short months, another friend encouraged her to open a studio. Knowing that the 2,000 square foot space above the El Dorado Hills Sports Club goes unused, Vanacore and her husband put together a business plan and approached the corporate director of Spare Time, who owns the club.

After presenting the plan in May 2011, it took only 7 short months before Radiant Yoga opened on December 15, 2011.  The two women opened the business together, and now Vanacore is the sole owner.

What makes Radiant Yoga different from other places? The FAR infrared heat. While most “hot yoga” studios use space heaters and humidifeiers, Radiant uses solar panels that create infrared heat, which is able to penetrate the skin, dissolving water molecules and expelling toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants from the body. Some of the significant health benefits of infrared yoga include strengthening cardiovascular system, reduce stress and fatigue, ease joint pain and stiffness, and improving the immune system.

“My favorite thing about yoga is the state of mind it puts me in. I’m a much calmer, more grounded, and happier person.”

Embracing the infrared heat, the studio provides a powerful workout with Power Vinyasa Yoga, an energetic form of yoga that incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, and physical and mental stamina in one lesson.
001-IMG_6740“My favorite thing about Radiant Yoga is the community, we have such a great community,” said Vanacore. “You form bonds and relationships with everyone.”
There are 16 different teachers, which Vanacore believes offers several benefits.
“I like the variety we offer,” she explained. “Because all the teachers have their own styles, it’s possible for everyone to have different experiences. There truly is something for everyone.”
She also believes it is the amazing teachers who make the studio successful.
In addition to doing yoga 6 days a week, Vanacore stays busy with her four daughters. And when she’s not working? “I’m usually driving the kids around for all their activities,” she explained.
While the major misconception of Radiant Yoga is that you have to be a sports club member to join, you don’t.

In fact, Radiant Yoga has an excellent introductory offer called the “30 Days for $30” where people pay $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga. There are also basics classes for beginners, as well as beginner’s workshops every few months with the next one being February 7 from 12-2:30pm.

For more information
Radiant Yoga
530 Post Court, El Dorado Hills
(916) 933-0300,


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