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Tower Gardens: soil-less gardening

By on May 19, 2015

Turn your backyard, apartment balcony or classroom into a beautiful space with a Tower Garden.

photoThese at home, farm-to-fork solutions to growing plants without the mess and hassle of soil are great for small spaces.  Tower gardens, a product of Juice Plus and sold locally by Rich Downing, use patented aeroponic technology that replaces dirt with water and air for year round gardening. The towers are only 2 feet wide and make use of vertical space to allow anyone with or without a green thumb to garden even in apartments or small backyards. Similarly, Tower Gardens have provided an amazing solution in the classroom. While most children are unable to harvest the things they plant in class because of summer vacation, Tower Gardens allow teachers to grow amazing fruits and vegetables with their students year round.

20140720_171717What about at home? Rich Downing and his wife currently use their Tower Garden to grow 20 different varieties of tomatoes among other vegetables like lettuce. They grow year round and never have to worry about weather because you can easily move your tower garden inside. On top of the growing benefits, the gardens cultivate a relaxing environment with beautiful growth and soothing waterfall sounds. You can find out more about Tower Gardens at


subscript to Lavish Living Magazine

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