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Dining Out With Nick

By on March 6, 2015

By: Nick Dedier

Raising (& enjoying) the Bar

shutterstock_227057809Unless you’ve been under a rock, it is easy to see that the Cocktail Culture that has been carefully incubated in the world’s great cities is finally leaking into the surrounding population. This, much like the great food network blitz of the 90’s, is flooding the hospitality and dining world with so many products and so much information that sometimes it is very hard to keep it all straight. While it may seem that all of these options and choices that are out there should make it easier to enjoy great drinks it, in fact, makes it much more difficult to sift through the BS and actually find a Cocktail game that will improve your overall dining experience and dollar value.

I have some sobering advice on how to use the restaurants bar to its most full and simply awesome potential. Below are a few of the Dos & Don’ts

1. Step away from the fireball and the whipped cream vodka… Somehow, someway these chemically sodden excuses for booze have made their way into the mainstream. bluestacks for windows 10 If a restaurant isn’t infusing their own liquors with fresh fruits, spices and aromatics then you should avoid it all together. Trust me, the only thing you’re missing out on is a headache in the morning.

shutterstock_507653592. Take a chance and let the bartender drive. Give them some parameters and have them make you a cocktail. This may surprise you with something you’ve never had or experienced before.

3. Don’t forget the classics. When done well an Old Fashion, Manhattan or Gimlet can be a great way to start your night as well as a good litmus test for the quality of the bartender and bartenders.

4. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) should be the motto of every bartender. Use good quality ingredients with restraint. It is easy to hide behind a colorful cocktail with 15 ingredients but when it comes down to it, the simple luxury of 3 or 4 ingredient cocktails with a simple stir or shake is unbeatable.

5. Patience, eye contact and a smile will win you a lot of friends among bartenders, servers and cocktail servers.

6. The bartender with their head down, over a cutting board, pumping out enough cocktails to quench the thirst of the entire restaurant, is the “well bartender” for the night. Waiting for the attention of the “counter bartender” will always be more productive than trying to slip your order into the well.

7. Be willing to slide down or change chairs to make room for others to join at the bar. Occupying the empty chair next to you to make room for two more will earn you good bar karma. (And remember if someone slides down for you, buy them a drink.)

In my own opinion there is nothing more fun than bellying up to the bar for the best food, service and attention in town. Remember to always opt for quality over quantity, value over price, classics over flash, and to give in to the communal atmosphere that the bar provides. Most importantly do not forget to catch a ride home and be safe.

subscript to Lavish Living Magazine

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