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Lange Twins Winery

By on March 6, 2015

Lange familyLike a lot of Lodi Appellation wineries, Lange Twins is a generational winery and that has been making wine for over 5 generations. In 2006, they opened up their winery to start showcasing their passion for great wines. They firmly believe that all good wine starts with the growing process and their strong background in vineyards has allowed them create quite a few memorable tastes.

Lange Twins is dedicated to staying a family run winery and their dedication is to keeping it running in the family. In the 1870’s, the first Lange family member settles in Lodi and started a long standing tradition of farming and agriculture. In 1974, the family decided to start their own vineyard and Randall and Brad Lange have been winegrowing with their children and wives ever since.

About Winemakers and Vineyard

Vineyard4The Lange Twins winery currently has two full time winemakers on staff. Both of which have been with the vineyard since the very beginning after previously working at Robert Mondavi. Alongside experienced winemakers, the Lange Twins family has been growing sustainable winegrapes with precision and expertise. The winery solely features blends from their estate vineyards. They now offer both their own label wines and custom winemaking options for those looking to create their own one of a kind taste. However, as common practice the family ensures they never lose sight of the fundamentals of good growing above all else in their quest to make great wines. Their vines include a large selection of varietals from chardonnay to cabernet grapes.

What Are Their Best Wines?

LT-Estate-Family_LT-KENDRA-PC_Jan-30-131059-2015_ConflictThey currently have two brands the Lange Twins and Caricature. The first, Lange Twins, boasts of a handful of great wine options. Their family favorites are their Sangiovese Rose that is being released this year and the Midnight Reserve which is the bordeaux blend. Caricature is a more artistic side of their winemaking skills. They craft their wines to embellish distinctive flavors and elements that they consider to be approachable. The red wine blend is a huge favorite in their tasting rooms.

What Sets Them Apart?

For the last 30 years, the Lange family has only practiced sustainable winegrowing. This makes them unlike many other Lodi Wineries because they are completely committed to both economic profitability and environmental health. Their winemaking style celebrates a combination of traditional farming methods and technological advances. For an afternoon of clean drinking and amazing flavor depth, spend some time in the Lange Twins tasting 07_Lange Twins Winery_midrezroom. You’ll love every drop.

Lodi Winery: Lange Twins – / (209) 334-9780.

subscript to Lavish Living Magazine

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